me 2016The quick and the dirty: Writer, MFA grad, former administrative assistant, literature nerd, amateur chef and cat collector.

The long (but probably still dirty): I graduated with my MFA in Creative Writing & Media Arts from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, where I produced a 180-page thesis of creative nonfiction essays. My fiction and my creative nonfiction have been published or are forthcoming in such literary journals as [PANK], Redivider and Quaint Magazine, and I’m the winner of the Jo Anna Dale scholarship for excellence in creative writing. I also have a BA in English from the University of California-Santa Barbara–and a minor in Japanese. Sadly, my Japanese is very rusty now.

I was the managing editor of the literary magazine Revolution House for 3 years and have also worked on other magazines, including Number One and New Letters.

I also have 6 years of administrative experience, which included marketing, accounting, scheduling, coordinating, all of those buzz words that make up an admin’s life. All skills that have proven quite useful in running my own freelancing business.

Most importantly, I’m a writer: a writer of creative nonfiction, fiction; writing for marketing campaigns and writing for blogs and really, if it’s somehow involving the written word, I’ve done it.**

(**Exception: technical writing. I can’t write about waste water treatments. Can anyone, really, without dying a little inside?)

So if you have a project that you think will fit, contact me. I look forward to speaking with you.

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